GSTECH | Our Values


Stability in both ownership and leadership over many years has resulted in clear agreement on the way in which GSTEC conducts its business.

Ethical business practices, values and behaviour.

The foundations of our entire business philosophy and the business’s longevity.

We support, listen to, and encourage staff – our most important asset.

Respectful communication as well as career and professional development are supported across all business units.

We promote cultural and gender diversity across the business.

This is a reflection of our own personal values and puts the business on a strong footing for the future.

We treat all of our clients and suppliers as partners.

We work with and support them when and where they need it. Trust and consistency build long term relationships.

Head Office

1 / 10-14 Lilian Fowler Place

Marrickville NSW 2204

Ph: 1300 938 216